"The Knight Train"

Skenesborough Council 276 of the Knights of Columbus have charted a special to take it's members and guests to the rededication of The Lower Junction Catholic Church named Saint James.  The trainmaster affectionately dubbed it "The Knight Train". 
Running tender first, she is stopping at the Lower Junction Station for the good Knights and their ladies to de-train.
Her passengers safely inside St James it's time to make the runaround and get set for the return trip to Skenesborough.
 Here we see her backing down the CK Lead to make the run-around.

Rutland #82, rented for this run, is headed down the run-around track as a CK employee enjoys the show. 

 The run-around complete, she has backed back to the station and had a drink of good Pine Lake water while she awaits the completion of the religious ceremonies.  In the mean time engineer Hank Weber is making a little adjustment while fireman Homer Knott gets his coal where he wants it.
The ceremony complete, its time to head back for home.
Jim Lafayette

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